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Products Liability Litigation

MF&L has extensive experience representing product designers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in products liability actions. Our attorneys defend cases involving aircraft component parts, farm equipment, televisions and other electronic equipment, home appliances, construction equipment, food additives, medical appliances, and a variety of other consumer products. Our attorneys defend products liability cases involving catastrophic injury and wrongful death in all state and federal courts.

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    • Cash et al. v. LG Electronics, Inc. et al., 342 Ga. App. 735 (2017).  MF&L obtained summary judgment on behalf of a major electronics manufacturer in a wrongful death lawsuit filed in Gwinnett County. The plaintiffs had alleged that the television at issue was defective and started a fire in the home. Tragically, a father and son were killed in the blaze. However, the firm’s Daubert motion to exclude the expert testimony of the plaintiff’s design/causation engineer was granted, and summary judgment was also awarded by the trial court. This ruling was affirmed by the Court of Appeals of Georgia, noting in part that many other potential ignition sources existed.


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