Insurance Defense Law

For more than thirty years, the largest insurers in the world have looked to MF&L for representation.  Providing first-party, third-party, and subrogation services across a broad range of policy forms, MF&L has garnered a national reputation as a premier boutique insurance firm.  Balancing unparalleled representation and service with cost efficiency and value, MF&L boasts major insurance defense clients that have used the firm for decades in matters of coverage, third-party defense of insureds, fraudulent insurance claims, declaratory judgment actions, excess insurance, and defense of bad faith claims.


MF&L has long been recognized as one of the nation’s leading aviation law firms, having represented clients in some of the most tragic aviation disasters in modern times, including the events of September 11, 2001, and the ValueJet crash of 1996 that took the lives of 105 passengers and the entire flight crew.

MF&L’s Aviation Group has handled many sensitive aviation lawsuits on behalf of diverse interests including airlines, airports, pilots, aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers, component part manufacturers, fixed base operators, and their respective insurers throughout the United States and the world.  These lawsuits include both commercial air disasters and accidents related to personal aircraft.  On behalf of its insurer clients, the Aviation Group handles not only third-party liability claims for the insureds, but also provides coverage analysis and opinions for its clients arising out of first party claims.

Representative Clients: Chartis Aerospace Adjustment Services, Global Aerospace, Allianz Aviation, Aerospace Claims Management, Global Risk U.S. Insurance Company, Lloyds of London, Starr Adjustment Services, Epps Air Service

Casualty and General Liability

MF&L represents a number of general liability insurers and self-insured companies in casualty and general liability matters.  MF&L’s lawyers are very experienced in defending third-party claims through discovery, ADR, trial, and appeals.  The Firm provides uncompromising representation to insureds and provides the information necessary for the insurer to properly manage and adjust the claim through careful litigation budgeting, thorough reporting, and sound claim valuations.  MF&L also provides consultation directly to its insurer clients in matters of coverage under general liability policies.

Representative Clients:  Amerisure Insurance Company, AT&T, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Grange Insurance Company, FCCI Insurance Group


MF&L represents insured contractors and subcontractors in claims related to construction jobs and work completed through their general liability policies throughout the Southeast.  MF&L’s construction lawyers have handled multi-million dollar claims in arbitration and in the federal and state courts throughout the Southeast.  MF&L also provides first-party advice to insurers on construction related claims arising under general liability policy forms.

Representative Clients:  FCCI Insurance Group, Amerisure Insurance Company

Directors & Officers Insurance Defense

MF&L counsels insurers and their insureds in matters related to Directors and Officers insurance coverage, both in stand alone policies and as part of package policies.  MF&L provides counsel regarding first-party coverage under those policies and also provides defense counsel to the insureds in third-party claims.

Representative Clients:  Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, ACE Westchester Specialty Group, Westport Liability Company

Fidelity and Surety

For more than 20 years, MF&L has been active in the fidelity and surety industry, representing insurers in first-party claims related to commercial bonds, bankers bonds, and surety bonds, handling cases throughout the Southeast in both state and federal courts.  MF&L’s fidelity and surety lawyers also provide extensive subrogation representation in this area.

Representative Clients:  AIG, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, Continental Casualty Insurance Company, The Hartford Insurance Company, Travelers/St. Paul.

Property Insurance Defense

MF&L’s Property Insurance Group provides representation on a wide array of property insurance forms including Commercial Property, Builder’s Risk, Commercial Auto, Warehouse, and Jewelers Block.  The firm has handled substantial property loss claims throughout the United States, including a number of claims related to major catastrophes like the events of September 11, 2001, and Hurricane Katrina.  The firm has handled claims related to real property of virtually every scale ranging from homeowner’s claims to claims on substantial shopping malls, hotels, manufacturing facilities, and major sports venues under commercial property policies and builder’s risk policies.

The firm has significant experience in handling property claims not associated with real property such as cargo claims, warehouse claims, equipment claims, and jewelers block claims.

Representative Clients:  ACE Group of Insurance Companies, State Auto Insurance Companies, Safeco Insurance Companies, OneBeacon Insurance Group, Chubb Insurance Group, AXIS Insurance Group, MetLife Auto & Home, Lloyd’s of London, Southern Insurance Company of Virginia, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company.


MF&L represents numerous insurance companies in pursuing subrogation claims to recover insurance proceeds in federal and state courts in Georgia and throughout the Southeast.  The firm’s subrogation attorney practice involves numerous lines of insurance including commercial property, fidelity, aviation, worker’s compensation, and jewelers’ block.

Representative Clients:  Chubb Insurance Group, AXIS Insurance Group, Travelers, MetLife Auto & Home, and Chartis Aerospace Adjustment Services.


MF&L represents over-the-road trucking companies, including specialty haulers, involved in accidents with other motorists.  From representing the driver in traffic court to representing the trucking company in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases, MF&L’s experienced trucking lawyers provide full service representation in these claims in the state and federal courts throughout Georgia.

MF&L is also pleased to call as clients a number of trucking insurers and represents the interests of their insureds in casualty, subrogation, and cargo claims.  The MF&L trucking group also consults with the insurers directly on coverage matters.

Representative Clients:  United Parcel Service, YRC Worldwide, Inc. (including Yellow Transportation, Roadway Express, and USF Holland and Glen Moore), FCCI Insurance Group, Occidental Insurance Company, Southeastern Claims, McGriff Transportation, BAH Express.

Workers’ Compensation

MF&L represents insurers and employers in the defense of workers’ compensation claims throughout Georgia.  The firm also provides subrogation attorney representation in this area.  Click to learn more about our Atlanta workers’ compensation attorneys.

Representative Clients:  FFVA Mutual, Grady Health System, Key Risk, Southeastern Claims, The Brickman Group, The Travelers.