Construction Lawyers

Our construction lawyers represent owners, subcontractors and general contractors in all types of construction disputes ranging from residential projects to major commercial projects. Our extensive experience benefits clients nationally, regionally, and throughout the state of Georgia.

Our construction lawyers represent owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and other companies in the construction industry with respect to their contracts, both with the project owner or another contractor. We have expertise in analyzing contracts, including AIA standard contracts, and interpreting contract provisions in conjunction with the project at issue. We help companies obtain payment, including retainage payments, where there is a payment dispute. We assist with all other aspects of interpretation and enforcement of construction contract provisions.

Construction Defect Litigation

Much of the construction litigation we handle involves allegations of defects in the design or construction of a building. Our lawyers handle defects in new construction and renovation of homes, as well as construction defects in new and renovated commercial properties.

Building defects may include roof defects, heating and electrical system defects, faulty drainage and water issues, structural failure, landscaping defects and cracks in walls, floors and foundations. We assist owners in recovering damages due to construction defects, and we defend contractors against baseless defect claims. In even the most complex construction disputes, our commitment is to integrity, professionalism, unparalleled client service and superior representation.

Construction Accident Claims

Our attorneys defend against premises liability and construction accident claims. These claims may involve a worker who suffers personal injury or death on a construction site. Accident claims may also involve harm suffered by others who are injured near a construction site.